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We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs  

At Blingbird, we are an ardent team of determined promoters, luxury travel advisors, and destination specialists, hankering to create a sought after travel solutions all around the globe. Since 2018, we have been capitalizing on the rapidly changing preferences of a curious Indian traveller, and a discerning HNI community who come to us to find an unconventional itinerary or an extraordinary travel experience. This luxury traveller is much informed and well-travelled too. Our expertise in the experiential travel space has been recognised, and has made Blingbird the go-to choice for those seeking to make a memorable vacation or a perfect destination celebration.

Shaping our own travel trends

Blingbird team is well versed with changing travel trends around the globe and believes that innovational experiences are also a result of an advisor's creative mind. Knowledge & destination expertise are very basic services that any expert can provide. But how we see a destination or how we design a greek island is purely our own original version of experiences that are cut out exclusively for our guests who are true travel connoisseurs. 

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We grow with our guests

At Blingbird, we believe that travel should be a transformative experience, both for the traveller as well as the travel advisors. Few of these curious travellers have always pushed us to innovate and create something extraordinary that can make them feel more fulfilled. Challenging experiences are more exciting to curate as that is something that cannot be found on search engines. Our proud senior creative team with our local partners have always brought a fresh look to our ever evolving itineraries and travel plans.

Experiential luxury vacations
Luxury properties in Maldives

Experience with service exellence

Blingbird offers the ultimate in luxury travel, with access to exclusive experiences, Michelin-star restaurants,  adventurous gastronomy, private yacht celebrations, luxury boutique resorts, super car road trips, and many more. We believe every guest is different and we love to push our own threshold with every new itinerary.

Image by Claire Roadley

Responsible Travel

Blingbird is committed to responsible travel. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint, support local communities, and create meaningful experiences for our customers. We partner with local operators to ensure that we are minimizing our impact on the environment, and to create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods in the area. We believe that responsible travel is the best way to have an unforgettable and meaningful experience while on vacation.

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