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Limited edition - Luxury small group Journeys

Journey for the extraordinaire

Only for Members 

The story behind

Be entertained with the extraordinary small group experiences by Blingbird. Away from the ordinary group journeys, it's an exploration crafted for true connoisseurs.  Each journey is a celebration of every moment with the best of destination experiences. Selective best properties, champagne dinners, adventurous gastronomy, musical evenings - not to mention the many surprise elements. You'll also shape new relationships with our curated set of discerning happy guests.

Limited journeys - Limited time of the year

Experience the world in a way like never before with our luxury small group journeys. Our exclusive trips are limited to only a few each year, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience that will be remembered forever. Our special itineraries are designed to bring you to the most renowned places in the world, while also providing access to places that are off the beaten path. Immerse yourself in culture, history and natural beauty while traveling in style and comfort.

Greenland group journeys




28th May - 4th June '2024
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