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Curated network for true travel connoseiur

Club Blingbird is an initiative to bring selective travellers to our 'members only guest list', to be entitled to explore extra privileges and benefits from our luxury travel world. There is no joining fees but surely there are few prerequisites to use this ultimate platform that is purely based on your past travel styles & bookings with Blingbird. To keep this elite network of discerning luxury travellers excited, we have a whole set of surprises and rewards. 

Partying Outdoors
Luxury holidays for groups

Priority Access & updates

Wheels over the sky

Blingbird group journeys are a true celebration of travel and life. Our club members get an exclusive access to our limited edition group experiences & journeys that are tailored to suit their wildest dreams. With every journey, members experience world-class hospitality and the highest level of service, all while enjoying the company of other members in the group. From out of the ordinary activities to secluded resorts, each journey is carefully crafted to provide the ultimate experience. Members will be sure to enjoy the journey of a lifetime with Blingbird.

Senior Advisor Service - No designing fees 

Our members receive priority service and access to our senior travel advisors who are ready to design the perfect first hand plan for your ultimate holiday. With no initial designing fees, you can avail a snap shot of two of the sort after itinerary for your awesome luxury vacation. Join us today and elevate your travel experience

*Conditions apply

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Luxury travellers club

Innovative Loyalty programs

Our Members Loyalty program is designed to reward our valued customers for their repeat business.  We offer free nights, discounts on experiences, rewards, discounts on premium properties, and special package prices - all to make your experience with us even more rewarding. With our loyalty program, you can travel more, save more, and experience more. Sign up now to start reaping the rewards of our Members Loyalty program.

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