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Don't call it a dream, call it a plan !

Our Services

At Blingbird, we believe that travel isn’t just about checking off boxes, it’s about creating memories that can last a lifetime. We also believe we grow with our guests with each passing year by bringing them new trends and proposals to explore this world. Any destination is possible and we make sure it is made to order as per your taste and budget. Please allow us a minimum of 15 -20 days to create a perfect experience for you, specially if it's a big group or a high season time.  Our team of travel designers will work in close coordination with you and craft a plan that you will not want to miss out. So, if you’re ready for an unforgettable trip, come explore the world with Blingbird.

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Curated group experiences at exotic destinations 

At Blingbird, we specialize in creating exclusionary group experiences for the curious bunch of family, friends, alumni groups, or colleagues. From a surprise cultural welcome till a beautiful farewell evening, the experience will be bucket list worthy. We offer a full menu of destination wonders that can range from active adventures to slow experiences, all of which are guided by private english speaking guides with local knowledge. To ensure a truly special experience, we also provide VIP entries and a designated group director for assistance. Let us help create an unforgettable luxury experience for your group.

A groovy celebration travel

Celebrate your milestone in luxury and style, and get ready to be pampered by Blingbird. Our experienced team of luxury travel advisors will help you select the perfect destination and curate endless entertainment, from private yacht parties to super car road trips, exotic gastronomy, private chefs, luxurious villas, and creative experiences for the group. We will plan your milestone celebration from end to end, ensuring that everything is taken care of for an unforgettable experience.

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Story of romance, beaches, culinary & connections

For those looking to travel for romance, our experiential travel advisors can help create unique and unforgettable experiences. From connecting with your loved one in private settings to enjoying beautiful beaches, romantic boutique properties, and nature connections, our advisors will ensure that your romantic getaways are filled with special memories. We offer unique destinations that include secluded islands, stunning coastal towns, and plush resorts that are perfect for honeymoons and other romantic occasions. Let us help you plan a romantic travel experience that you'll never forget.

Signature itineraries 

Experience the world's most iconic itineraries and properties for those who truly seek exclusivity. These itineraries are designed with top properties at exotic locations in the world, local experts, culinary experts, and few top of the line destination suppliers who have truly come together to curate an extraordinary luxury vacation package that cannot be experienced otherwise.Uncover unseen corners of the destination, all while being pampered and spoiled in the lap of luxury. 

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