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luxury holidays to europe

Unveil Coastal Bliss with Our Exclusive Travel Packages

As a group of 27 countries with an estimated 2400 inhabited islands, Europe is the perfect destination for all kinds of active and unique experiences. Discover the coastal gems of Europe, where sun-kissed beaches meet azure waters and picturesque villages dot the shoreline. From the rugged cliffs of the Amalfi Coast to the pristine sands of the Greek Islands, Europe's coastline offers endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Dive into the vibrant culture of the French Riviera, where glamorous cities like Nice and Cannes beckon with chic boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants. Explore the hidden coves and whitewashed villages of the Croatian coast, or unwind on the sandy shores of Spain's Costa del Sol. Whether you're seeking a romantic escape, an action-packed adventure, or simply a place to soak up the sun, Europe's coastal destinations have something for everyone. Embark on an unforgettable journey with our curated Europe travel packages, tailored to showcase the best of these coastal gems and their endless experiences.

   Indulgent Europe Tour Packages for Exotic Islands Await Exploration

Off the beaten path coastal towns in Europe

Escape the crowds and discover Europe's hidden coastal treasures with our exclusive travel packages, showcasing off-the-beaten-path coastal towns waiting to be explored. From secluded fishing villages tucked away along rugged coastlines to charming beach towns dotted with colorful cottages, these lesser-known destinations offer a glimpse into the authentic coastal life of Europe. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of sleepy seaside communities, where you can wander along pristine beaches, sample fresh seafood at local tavernas, and soak in breathtaking ocean views. Whether you're seeking a quiet retreat by the sea or an adventure off the tourist trail, our Europe travel packages cater to beach destinations beyond the mainstream, promising unforgettable experiences and authentic encounters with coastal culture.

Beach holidays in Europe

Exploring Europe's Coastal Wildlife: Dive into Ocean Cities

Europe's ocean wildlife is as diverse as it is fascinating, with a rich array of marine species inhabiting its coastal waters and deep-sea ecosystems. From the majestic whales and playful dolphins that roam the open seas to the colorful fish and intricate coral reefs found in shallow coastal waters, Europe's ocean wildlife offers a captivating glimpse into the wonders of the underwater world. Along the Atlantic coast, visitors can encounter iconic species such as the endangered North Atlantic right whale, the elusive basking shark, and the charismatic Atlantic puffin. In the Mediterranean Sea, vibrant coral gardens provide habitat for a dazzling array of marine life, including octopuses, seahorses, and colorful reef fish. Whether you're diving among shipwrecks off the coast of Scotland, spotting seals along the shores of Ireland, or cruising alongside pods of dolphins in the Azores, Europe offers countless opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts to connect with the ocean's inhabitants and experience the magic of marine life up close.

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Private sailing & Yachts 

Exploring europe through waters 

There's nothing quite like sailing through the crystal-clear waters of Europe on a private yacht trip. Our yacht charters offer unparalleled experiences to explore the hidden gems of the European islands with complete luxury and comfort. Our onboard chefs create gastronomic delights while you cruise along the coasts. Gather your loved ones and celebrate your special moments with a custom yacht vacation.

A Yacht at Sea
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