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You can be our next inspiration to create an exceptional experience 

Any place in Europe can be curated looking at your interest !

Embark on a journey of discovery across the diverse continent of Europe with our Experiential Journeys. From picturesque French villages to the rich wineyards in Italy and beautiful islands in Greece, we offer unforgettable experiences that will bring you closer to the local culture and heritage. Our gastronomy experiences, including Michelin star restaurants, will redefine your taste buds, while our off the beaten path journeys will leave you mesmerized with the scenic beauty of the region. 

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Customize Your Journey: Starting with Your Requirements

We do not propose any readymade packages. It's something that will be purely curated for you. We shall exchange ideas with you and come to a conclusion before the real work starts. We do not compromise on quality and every element in the journey will be carefully selected and proposed.

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Minimum budget & star properties 

Your budget & your taste is of utmost importance when it comes to selection of experiences , properties & destinations.

We do not work below a certain budget as quality and services come with a certain price.

We work with top luxury properties & resorts that are carefully selected and we keep updating ourselves for the upcoming resorts.

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Initial fees & terms 

Our team of experienced travel experts understands the importance of designing a trip that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. We offer a bespoke designing fee that reflects the superior level of service and expertise that we bring to each and every trip. This initial fees is non refundable incase you do not wish to take the journey. At Blingbird, we value your time and work hard to ensure that every moment of your exclusive journey is truly unforgettable.

Not just a stamp on your passport, come back with a story !

Indulge in Luxury: Explore Our Bespoke Europe Tour Packages

Indulge in a truly unique and personalized luxury holiday experience with BLINGBIRD. We pride ourselves on our ability to curate a bespoke itinerary for each of our clients, taking their preferences and needs into account to create the perfect vacation. Contact us today to start planning your dream getaway.

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