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Milos greek island

Milos, Greek Island

The Full Story

Milos is a captivating Greek island located in the Aegean sea, part of the cyclades island group. It's renowned for its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and rich history. Here's some information about Milos: 

What's the best part of Milos to stay in?

  1. Adamantas (aka Adamas): where to stay in Milos for nightlife. 

  2. Plaka: a charming hilltop community with stunning views of the Mediterranean.

  3. Pollonia: where to stay in Milos for quiet beaches & a romantic vibe. 

  4. Trypiti & Klima: where to stay in Milos for history & excellent seafood.

Unleash Your experience

  1. Location: Milos is situated in the southwestern part of the Cyclades, between the islands of Sifnos and Kimolos. It's relatively close to the islands of Santorini and Folegandros.

  2. Geological Diversity: Milos is known for its remarkable geological diversity, with volcanic landscapes, dramatic rock formations, and thermal springs. The island's unique geological features have created breathtaking scenery, including colorful cliffs, natural arches, and hidden sea caves.

  3. Beaches: Milos boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the Aegean, ranging from sandy stretches to rocky coves. Sarakiniko Beach is one of the most iconic beaches on the island, known for its otherworldly lunar landscape of white volcanic rock. Other notable beaches include Firiplaka, Tsigrado, and Paliochori, each offering crystal-clear waters and unique surroundings.

  4. Historical Sites: Milos has a rich history dating back to ancient times. Visitors can explore archaeological sites such as the ancient theater of Milos, the catacombs of Milos (one of the largest early Christian cemeteries in Greece), and the ruins of the ancient city of Filakopi. The island is also famous for the discovery of the Venus de Milo, an iconic ancient Greek statue now housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

  5. Charming Villages: Milos is home to picturesque villages with whitewashed houses, narrow cobblestone streets, and traditional Greek tavernas. The main village of Plaka is perched on a hilltop overlooking the sea and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Other charming villages worth exploring include Adamas (the main port town), Pollonia, and Klima, known for its colorful fishing houses called "sirmata."

  6. Activities: In addition to swimming and sunbathing at the island's beautiful beaches, visitors to Milos can enjoy a variety of activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and boat tours around the island's coastline. Milos is also a popular destination for sailing enthusiasts, with many secluded coves and anchorages to explore.

  7. Local Cuisine: Milos offers a delicious array of traditional Greek cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and Mediterranean flavors. Visitors can dine at seaside tavernas and sample local specialties such as grilled octopus, seafood pasta, stuffed vine leaves (dolmades), and Greek salads topped with creamy feta cheese

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