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Secluded Experiences & Iconic properties

Our secluded travel experiences & destinations offer designer itineraries crafted by top travel professionals around the globe, giving you access to sort after immersive experiences, top rated properties and hidden gems - perfect for those searching for something truly unique. Our exclusive experiences are available only for the few.

Secluded escapes of Norway 
& Finland

Experience the beauty of the wilderness of Norway and Finland with a luxury travel package from our advisors. Explore the unique properties of the region, from fjords to tundra, with tesla drives or arctic fishing trips. Sample the exotic gastronomy of the region, from fresh seafood to reindeer meat, and explore the unique culture of the two countries. Our advisors can provide you with a luxurious, personalized travel package to make your stay in Norway and Finland an unforgettable experience.

Luxury vacations in scandinavia
honeymoon in south america

Luxury Honeymoon in South America - take the road less travelled

Discover the hidden wonders of South America on the perfect honeymoon holiday! Immerse yourselves in the exotic beauty of the continent with luxurious properties, thrilling land, water and air adventures, and romantic experiences. Our luxury travel advisors can help you plan the perfect unforgettable getaway for you and your loved one to explore the beauty of this incredible part of the world.

Milestone Celebration in Greece in Blingbird style & opulence 

Luxury holidays in greece


The Great Indian Treasure

Kashmir is an enchanting destination full of hidden treasures and unforgettable experiences. There is so much that this destination can contribute, from extreme adventures to pure relaxations, both in summer and in chilly winters. Embark on an adventure and explore the vibrant culture, art, and artisans of the region, indulge in the authentic Kashmiri cuisine, soak in the breathtaking beauty of the snow-covered mountains, and unwind in the splendid properties & resorts. Curating Kashmir has always been a pleasure for our designers and we are thrilled to take our guests to experience its unique beauty in our very own Blingbird style. 

Luxury holidays in kashmir

If you wish to explore our journeys, let's help you begin.

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