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Go beyond the beaten path and explore this extraordinary luxury holiday in Georgia

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

With Tourism on the rise, our discerning luxury traveller is moving towards the world beyond the beaten path to explore lesser known destinations and stay at some of the extraordinary properties. At Blingbird we are always more excited to bring you once in a lifetime experience at these unspoiled luxury. Celebrate your milestones or take a three night's break from the hustle bustle of your life #letstakeyouthere

Luxury off the beaten holidays in Georgia
Paragraph resort and spa , Shekvetili Beach, Georgia

Just 1 hour drive from Batumi International airport in Georgia, This property sits on the Black Sea shore of the Guria region of Georgia, giving a perfect backdrop of sea, sand beaches and lush pine forests while you enjoy a perfect Georgian hospitality. This recently-opened five-star under the Marriot collection has an enviable location. The resort is also a perfect place to take your family as it hosts an enchanting winter garden, complete with an indoor water fall, the indoor walk through aquarium, or to the 375-ft filtered seawater pool built into a panoramic deck peering out to the Black Sea.

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Batumi. Georgia

The port city Batumi, just an hour away from this property is also nicknamed as 'The Las Vegas of the Black Sea', because of its economy that revolves around tourism & gambling. Batumi offers unique Adjarian style cuisine, Adjarian wine house, and is a perfect getaway for authentic Turkish food lovers as this place offers something that cannot be found in the rest of Georgia. Batumi is also very well known for its brewery, which is very popular with locals and tourists alike.

Batumi enjoys a temperate oceanic subtropical climate, reason being its southeasterly location on the Black Sea. Compared to the rest of Georgia, Batumi is much, much warmer, even in winter. The yearly average maximum temperature in Batumi is 67°F ranging from 50°F in january to 81°F in august. Though Batumi in winter can be cold from December to march, but you won’t see the freezing temperatures of its capital city Tbilisi or the snow-covered roads of northern Georgia. Batumi makes for a great place to choose if you wish to escape the cold.

wine journeys in europe
Wine house in Georgia

Georgia wine is some of the oldest in the world, with a culture of winemaking that dates back to the 8th century. It is produced in the country's diverse climate and terrain, producing a wide variety of both white and red wines. The region is particularly known for its semi-sweet wines, such as Khvanchkara, Tsinandali, and Kindzmarauli. Georgia is a hidden gem of wine-producing countries, and a great destination for those looking to explore off the beaten path. Plan this luxury holiday in Georgia with Blingbird and live the rest on our travel advisors.

wine tasting in Georgia
Wine tasting in Georgia


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