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3 nights Luxury Incentive Travel to Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, one of the oldest cities in europe

Belgrade serves as a perfect destination for Incentive travel, to reward top performers and leaders of an organisation and business associates

Belgrade, Serbia, is an exciting and vibrant city in the southeast European country, offering a wealth of unique travel experiences. It is located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, and at the crossroads of the Pannonian Plain and the Balkan Peninsula. With its temperate climate, visitors can enjoy the warm summers and mild winters Belgrade is known for. The city is steeped in culture, with stunning architecture and a rich history. From the traditional Serbian food to the lively nightlife, there is something for everyone in Belgrade. From the beautiful riverside views to the bustling city streets, there is no shortage of amazing moments to experience in Belgrade.

Exotic Culinary experiences in Belgrade

Experience the ultimate in Belgrade culinary delights with a visit to the bohemian quarter of Skadarlija, home to some of the oldest kafanas and traditional restaurants in the city. From the oldest kafana in Belgrade, Znak pitanja, to the hip and fusion bite restaurants of Homa, FARO, Salon 5, Toro, and Mezestoran, you can enjoy sumptuous Serbian traditional dishes and other foods depending on your tastes and preferences.

Luxury travel to Serbia
Luxury vacations in europe

Awesome Nightlife in Belgrade

Belgrade's nightlife is legendary and can truly reward a group with bucket list entertainment at night also. From the pulsing house and techno beats of Barutana to the commercial touch of Lasta in the summer, Belgrade has something for everyone. Those looking for something more underground should check out Drugstore in Palilula, and there are plenty of boathouses and rafts on the river Sava to explore. With so much to choose from, a night in Belgrade promises to be one you'll never forget.

Incentive travel to Serbia
Luxury vacation in europe

Blingbird proposes exclusive Private Experiences & activities for an Incentive Travel to Belgrade, Serbia

  • Belgrade: Private Sightseeing Tour in an Oldtimer Car

  • Exclusive private visit to the Nikola Tesla Museum

  • Private visit to the Royal Palace with drinks and canapés

  • LUNCH @ An Extraordinary Venue at Belgrade Fortress

  • Cellar Panajotovic - Wine / Rakia tasting sanctuary in the Belgrade underground catacombs

  • Evening Visit to the Saint Sava Orthodox Cathedral

  • Dinner @ Lafayette - Restaurant Cabaret Club Exeperience

  • Off Road Driving Experience in Serbia

  • Serbian traditional lunch with a celebrated chef

  • Evening sundowner cruise to explore the city

  • James Bond driving experience in the racing track

Private group experience in Belgrade
Luxury vacations in europe

Novi Sad and Karlovci Sremski Wine Tasting - Day trip from Belgrade

Enjoy one day outside Belgrade and visit Novi Sad - capital of Vojvodina province which is located only one hour drive north-west from Belgrade. On this day tour you will experience the multiculturalism of Novi Sad and easy-going lifestyle. You will visit one of the most important Austro-Hungarian border fortresses in history - Petrovaradin and after enjoying the beautiful view from the fortress of Novi Sad city and the Danube river, you will visit the charming little baroque town of Sremski Karlovci which lies at the foot of Fruska Gora National Park. The park hides small, secluded wineries where you will taste some of the well-know wines from the region

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